Welcome to the company INTRANTE HOME – our core philosophy lies in the concept “from idea to full readiness”. We offer our clients modern solutions including: FIT-OUT, TURN-KEY, and FF&E. You will find the best interior options in our showroom – furniture, finishing materials, textiles and accessories. Our professional team is ready to design any interior for your apartment, home, office or commercial space.

Our rich 18-year experience in design and construction management is reflected in the uniqueness of the interiors created by us, which is appreciated by hundreds of clients as well as by panels of prestigious competitions.

We have received the ‘Annual Design Award’ given by the Latvian Designers’ Society and have been recognized in various international competitions. Our team takes on all challenges and difficulties so you can enjoy superb and exclusive results, refined to every detail of the interior. We are growing and developing every day – visiting exhibitions around the world and staying up-to-date in the furniture and design industry. Because of this, we carry out innovative solutions in our work. Our INTRANTE HOME showroom presents the best in modern furniture – including well known brands and our very own discoveries. Keeping pace with modern furniture technologies, we have become innovators in interior design while providing a high level of comfort.

Working with us, we guarantee that you will receive outstanding service. We take pride in each project. If you value your own time and give importance to quality, then you can trust our dedicated team of professionals to fully develop and implement your interior design project.



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Our INTRANTE HOME showroom presents high class furniture, innovative finishing materials, and accessories for your home, which allow you to make a unique and comfortable interior.

In our showroom, you will not only find studio designed furniture but also high-tech furniture – sofas with transformative mechanisms, tables with adjustable heights, television and entertainment centers with backlighting, and consoles with wireless chargers.

In our INTRANTE HOME internet catalog, we have everything for customizing individual and modern interiors – sofas, beds, arm chairs, tables, storage systems, carpets, mirrors, accessories, and gifts. Anyone with a fine taste will appreciate exquisite design, excellent quality, carefully thought out functionality, and our unique hand-crafted items.

Even if you do not see what you are looking for in our wide inventory, we will be glad to find and deliver your needs in a short time.

The TURN-KEY service is a complex solution – from an idea to the completion of a project to the full operational readiness of it.

Ordering an interior design for an apartment, home, villa, office, hotel or any other commercial space, you will receive full support for the project during the development and implementation phases. Our main priorities are high-quality work with attention to every detail while meeting your wants and needs.

All of our advantages will benefit you, because you do not have to think about finding a construction company, monitoring deliveries, following deadlines and the quality of work performance, running around to different stores in search of needed furniture and materials. We will fulfill every step of the process, starting from the working draft of the project, the design stages, 3D visualization and the shipping of all materials, equipment, and concluding the work on site and bringing it to full readiness. For your comfort and ease, you can hand over the responsibility to us and free up your most precious resource – your time.

The FIT-OUT service is a carefully thought-out solution for designing, decorating and furnishing of commercial and private real estate. This service is suitable for designers, architects, private contractors, and developers and for any property owner who wants to create their own interior “according to picture”.

It does not matter whether you have a detailed interior project or a photograph from a brand book, our team of professionals at INTRANTE HOME will provide you a full spectrum of services within the FIT-OUT framework.

Our rich professional experience is the foundation of impeccable quality of service. Your personal manager will fulfill the search of necessary interior furnishings, the ordering and the monitoring of shipments. Our resources make it easier for purchasing finishing materials, furniture and accessories. Our access to numerous exclusive suppliers, as well as our flexible purchasing and shipping capabilities allows us to lower the cost of design and achieve excellent quality.

INTRANTE HOME will provide you interior design services for a hotel business – from the buying and manufacturing of furniture, to finalizing the project. Introducing a design concept and fully developing it, you will need a team of professionals with experience and a large network of suppliers; we will be glad to help you. We work with our clients on all stages – from creating the concept to the opening of the hotel and providing first-class service at the completion of the project with all necessary equipment and furniture. Our comprehensive approach to projects of the hospitality industry will allow you to save time and get substantial financial benefits.

INTRANTE HOME will allow you to access the world of quality furniture and equipment and allow you to choose from the widest variety – like world-renowned manufacturers, and rare pieces of handmade production. Our work consists not only in the search and delivery of better equipment, furniture and accessories, but also in fulfilling our standards of image, comfort, and style.

It is no secret that a hotel’s interior is the determining factor in choosing a hotel to stay in. Allow us to work with you so that your guests always choose you!

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